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Blue Skye Thinking is dedicated to supporting research into treatment of childhood brain tumours.

The charity was founded by Sally Hall, in memory of her son Skye. Skye was sadly taken ill by this disease. During his time at the children’s hospital, Skye aimed to create the longest loomband chain in the galaxy, and received nationwide support. 30,000m later, he secured a Guinness World Record and drew attention to the lack of research into childhood brain tumours

Our Mission

Skye is no longer with us. To commemorate his dedication and bravery we want to incorporate his loombands in an interactive art installation. Which will provide endless entertainment for the kids undergoing treatment at the John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital.

With your support, we can make this mission a reality.

Get Involved

To make our vision a reality, each of these cogs needs a sponsor. By sponsoring you will be part of an incredible force bringing joy to these young patients, and supporting vital research.

Our Loomstallation will be made up of an amazing 200 limited edition cogs! So we are calling on all Space Cadets to join our mission.